An introduction to Amen Corner Primary School


As part of the Amen Corner development, the provision of an educational establishment was needed in order to accommodate the future residents and provide a sustainable neighbourhood. Construction work on the new Amen Corner Primary School, located in the south west corner of the development, begins in summer 2018.  The school will provide 210 places for primary aged children.

Bellway Homes will be appointing a specialist contractor to build the new primary school that will create an exciting learning environment that will enable children to be inspired by their surroundings. It will include seven classrooms, a communal hall, kitchen, a learning resource area, a playground and multi-use games area (MUGA). An existing mature oak tree will also form a key feature of the development and will include seating areas and a wildflower planted habitat zone nearby to assist in creating a place for pupils to better understand the natural environment.

As part of the planning strategy for the development, the provision of an educational establishment was included in order to accommodate the need for additional school places for future families moving into Amen Corner, providing the community with a sustainable neighbourhood.

The playground pitch is designed for primary pupil age and is positioned to maintain a visual link between the open green space of the SANG (Suitable Alternative to Natural Green Space) and the school site. Picket fences are provided between the reception and Key Stage 1 external play areas to separate Early Years children from the main school playground. At the front of the school, a public square will be provided to create an entry that allows visitors and pupils to gather before the start of the school day.

There will also be parking for 26 cars at the rear of the school provided for school staff, deliveries, school bus pick up and refuse vehicles. A separate pick-up and drop-off car park will be situated and integrated into the nearby open space. A cycle storage for 21 bicycles will also be provided, as per current Bracknell Forest Borough Council guidelines.

Throughout the planning process, a number of alterations had been made to the layout and positioning of the school in order to create positive relationships with the surrounding context and provide the best location for safety, security and access.  This position provides pupils being brought to the school by vehicular means from off-site locations do not have to cross pedestrian routes of children travelling from nearby locations.

The school will be built to a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating to ensure sustainability. The building will include solar panels on the roof to generate electricity and be energy efficient in terms of its design.

Foundation work on the Amen Corner Primary School site is due to start in Summer 2018 and the external frame work will begin in Autumn 2018. The school is set to open in September 2019. Updates on the work will be announced here in due course.